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     We want to make these web pages as helpful as possible. To that end we are developing short devotionals and teachings via audio. Below you will find teachings from "The Father's Heart with Pastor Buddy Martin", the daily 4-minute radio program heard locally on KOUZ 89.9FM and KWDF 840AM.

These files are published in the RealAudio format and you can get a free RealPlayer at We also make audio copies of our sermons online on our Sermons page. The sermons are available in MP3 format and can be played in any MP3 player.

Remember, Jesus said be careful how you listen, that you may be doers and not just hearers. (Paraphrased) So make sure you listen, both with your ears and your heart. We hope this will serve as a help and a blessing to you.

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Ref# Title
0001 The Story of the Lamb 
0002 A Biblical Disciple
0003 The Ancient Faith
0004 Redemption's Sign Posts
0005 The Bold Walk of Faith
0006 Come And Go With Me
0007 God's New Man In Christ
0008 Life in Christ Jesus
0009 In Christ Alone
0010 To Be or Not to Be, a Believer
0011 The Voice of God
0012 The Blessing of the Lord
0013 The Sound of His Voice
0014 When The Light Comes
0015 The Awakening Saint
0016 Walking By The Spirit
0017 Neither in This Mountain
0018 The Human Family
0019 The Sanctified Marriage–1
0020 The Sanctified Marriage–2
0021 The Godly Family
0022 The Heritage of the Godly
0023 Keys of Faith For The Home–1
0024 Keys of Faith For The Home–2
0025 The Covenant Heart
0026 Searching for the Narrow Gate
0027 Lessons From The Vineyard
0028 A Psalm of Christ and His People
0029 The Character of Righteousness–1
0030 The Character of Righteousness–2
0031 The Character of Righteousness–3
0032 The Fellowship of the Cross
0033 The Prayer of the Righteous–1
0034 The Prayer of the Righteous–2
0035 Teach Me the Fear of the Lord
0270 Full Life In Christ
0271 The Father's Children
0272 Living From the Wisdom of God
0273 The Perfect Law of Liberty
0274 The Power of a Transfigured Life
0275 The Sacrifice of Love
0276 The Faith Realm of the New Covenant
0277 God's Indwelling Life
0278 The Spirit of Covenant and Sonship
0279 Moving to Higher Ground #1
0280 Moving to Higher Ground #2

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