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Christian Challenge and Missions

"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations..."
Matthew 28:18b

Christian Challenge has a long history of involvement in missions. Several of our graduates have gone on to serve the Lord on the foreign field. Below is a listing of some of the missions we support. Some of our missionaries have email. Feel free to click on their name and drop them a note of encouragement. Further down the page  we've also included an encouraging article by Bill Wilson, of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship. Enjoy!

Our Missionaries

Ed & Sherilu Grant
Ed Grant served in Mexico (alongside our lead pastor Nathan Martin) before fulfilling a lifelong dream of ministering in Bolivia. He moved to Bolivia in 1991. He and Sherilu oversee a network of churches and minister in Sucre, home to Bolivia's major universities. You can write them at:
Ed & Sherilu Grant
Casilla 737
Sucre, Bolivia

Costa Rica
Stephen & Georgiana Thomas
Stephen & Georgiana founded an orphanage in San Jose, Costa Rica in cooperation with a local church. Their goal is to begin a series of orphanages throughout Central America, training tomorrows leaders today.
Mailing Address:
Stephen Thomas - SJO2326
1601 NW 97th Ave, Unit C101
P.O. Box 025216
Miami, FL 33102-5216
Phone: 011-506-279-2611

David & Elsa Garcia
David has served as a missionary to Mexico since the mid 1980's. The Lord saved him out of a life of crime and has used him extensively throughout southern Mexico. He ministers in the hard to reach areas where outsiders are viewed with suspicion. Because of his faithfulness, he has been accepted by the indigenous peoples and has raised up many churches in and around the state of Chiapas.
Apartado Postal 154
Palenque, Chiapas
Mexico, Central America
PHOTO, another photo

Latin America, Africa and Asia
Christians Sharing Christ
Christians Sharing Christ is a missions organization that uses film evangelism to preach the Gospel in over a dozen countries throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia. (Our lead pastor, Nathan Martin, serves on the CSC Board of Directors.) They work across denominational lines to bring the Gospel to the remotest areas. They are headquartered in Central Louisiana but minister through over 150 missionaries in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Nigeria, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and more.
Christians SharingChrist - webpage
P. O. Box 508
Libuse, LA 71348-0508

Home Missions - Local & National

Shepherd Center
A coalition of churches ministering to local people in practical ways, such as help with utilities, food, medicines, etc.

KVDP Radio - 89.9FM
A community owned educational radio station that shares encouragement throughout Central Louisiana.

Past and Present Missions involvement

Mercy Ships
Kevin Gates
Kevin left in July 2002 to serve on the Mercy Ship Anastasis. After serving on an outreach to Sierra Leone, the poorest country in this world, Kevin worked to help equip the Africa Mercy, Mercy Ship's newest ship. He returned home at the end of 2004 and is currently working for a major HVAC and supporting many missions endeavors financially and with short-term hands-on service.
Mercy Ships

David & Kathy Stellwagon
Currently on Furlough in US
David is the son of lifelong missionaries to Japan. He came to Christian Challenge during college and received training for ministry (as well as a wife). David and Kathy spent over 11 years in Japan where their three sons were born. They are currently back in the US serving with Christian Challenge in various ministry capacities.

Missions Philosophy

If you look closely at the list above you'll see that the missionaries we support cover a broad range of types of ministry. For example, we support:

  • Church planters in Bolivia and Mexico
  • Medical missions in Africa
  • An orphanage in Costa Rica
  • Strategic missions development in Asia (more information not available due to security risks)
  • Film evangelism on three continents
  • Local benevolence through the Shepherd Center
  • etc (Many others are not listed)

It's interesting to us that we didn't intentionally plan it this way, but it seems the Lord has directed us to spread our support in many different areas, exposing our members to many kinds of ministry. We encourage every member of our congregation to adopt at least one of our missionaries and support them through prayer, communication and finances. We would encourage you to do the same, if the Lord so leads. For more information about any of our missionaries, feel free to contact them directly or contact us at

How is your missionary doing compared to TV preachers? Click to find out.

7 Ways to Pray for Your Missionary

  • Day 1 - Relationship With God
    • Loving and studying God's Word
    • Strong prayer life
    • Be filled with the Holy Spirit
    • Maturing spiritually
    • Progress over personal sin
  • Day 2 - Physical and Emotional Needs
    • Adaptation to climate
    • Health in the midst of disease
    • Safety in danger
    • Victory over loneliness and depression
  • Day 3 - Family Relationships
    • Husband/wife
    • Children/parents
    • Family life as model to nationals
    • Coping with singleness
  • Day 4 - Ability to Communicate
    • Language ability
    • Continual improvement/fluency
    • Cultural adaptation & understanding
  • Day 5 - Effective Ministry
    • Teaching, preaching, witnessing
    • Boldness, open doors
    • Prepared hearts, fruitfulness
  • Day 6 - Team Relationships
    • Other missionaries
    • National evangelists, pastors and teachers
  • Day 7 - Country of Service
    • Government - national and local
    • Political situation
    • Visas, continued open doors
    • Outreach to cities, villages and tribes

Written by Bill Wilson, Overseas Missionary Fellowship. As quoted in the Spring, 1997 issue of The King's Courier, a publication of The King's Way Missionary Institute

  • Interested in more information about missions? Check out the US Center for World Missions and also Brigada. They are good places to start learning about missions.
  • Christian Challenge offers a course on missions in the School for Christian Workers. Based on the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement college course, Vision for the Nations will take you through the Biblical basis for mission, the historical record and let you have a peek into the strategies being used by successful mission agencies around the world. For more information, send email to theSCW Director.

Mission Trip Reports

July 2007 - Pastor Nathan has just returned from traveling around the world with Patrick Calhoun of Christians Sharing Christ. They established new film evangelism teams in the Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan and India. You can read about their travels at Bro. Nathan's Blog!

July/August 2003 - 19 members of Christian Challenge traveled to the Benito Juarez Orphanage in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico July 27-August 2, 2003. While there they painted a couple of buildings and replaced a leaking roof on the dorm. Aphoto diary of the trip is available.

February 2003 - Lead Pastor Nathan Martin accompanied a group with Christians Sharing Christ to view the CSC work on the Amazon River in Colombia, South America. Read theColombia Trip Report for his perspective and some great photos of the trip.

November 1997 - Lead Pastor Nathan Martin and his family visited one of the churches they helped found in Mexico while they were missionaries there in the 1980's. Read theMexico Trip Report which is a compilation of email reports sent home during the trip.

October 1997 - A group of ministers associated with Christian Challenge went to Honduras for a week to visit missionary Adán Villanueva. Read the Honduras Trip Report written from one member's perspective.

Last updated Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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You can make an online donation from your checking account or credit card!
You can make an online donation from your checking account or credit card!

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