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Used Pews For Sale
UPDATE: No more pews!!!

Update - We no longer have these pews for sale. This page will remain up for a little while for informational purposes.

Christian Challenge has been experiencing growth and we praise God for that. With that blessing come some logistical problems. For example, we've completely outgrown our Fellowship Hall, our parking is cramped and our seating is limited. We can't fix all of those problems at once but we've decided to tackle the first and last problem by replacing our pews with chairs. This will allow us to use the sanctuary as a multi-purpose room by simply rearranging the chairs, which isn't possible with pews. (In addition, purchasing pews to match our existing pews would be very expensive.) As a result, we have ordered 250 chairs that will be in sometime in the first half of October. Therefore we need to sell our pews!!!

We purchased these pews used about 15 years ago. The came out of a church in Natchitoches, LA (I believe). There were originally 22 pews. However, we cut down 2 of the pews to make shorter benches, leaving us with 20 pews. Each pew is just over 14 feet wide with a center divider and support legs under each half. The original gold colored seat cushions were reupholstered by the ladies of our church in a light burgundy color. (A few of the cushions may have missing buttons.) The backs of the pews have hymnal racks with communion cup holders. A couple of the pews have minor water marks from the previous church. (See the back pew in the first row picture on the right for an example.)

We would like to sell all 20 pews at once. We are asking $4,000 $3,000.00!!! We would rather not have to sell the pews individually but if we had to do so, we would ask $200 per pew. The pews are made of solid oak, stained in a rich deep brown with the beautiful grain prominent. The end caps have a cathedral arch pattern. Each of the pictures below links to a larger version. Simply click on the picture to see it enlarged and then use your BACK button to return to this page. If you're interested in purchasing these pews or if you have questions, please contact Nathan Martin.

This is a view of the sanctuary from the front left corner. We have the pews set up in three sections.


This is a view from the left rear corner, showing the backs of the pews. (We don't use hymnals so our racks get filled with Bibles, tambourines and maracas.)

This is a little closer view of the pews, showcasing the end of the pew.

Here is a view of the back of the pews showing the hymnal racks and communion cup holders.

This is another closeup of the end cap, showing the routered design. You can see the strong wood grain pattern in this picture that is evident in all the pews. This picture also shows the recessed button design on the pew cushions that was done by the ladies of our church.

This is a closeup of the pew cushions.

The pews are to be picked up in Pineville, LA. Delivery is not available without consulting an outside delivery firm.

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