Studies from the Book of Acts

In July 2002 Bro. Buddy began offering a series of studies walking through the book of Acts section by section. He is sharing from the Hebraic underpinnings of the early church as well as sharing insights from his years of study. We're delighted to make these studies available on our website.

Recommended Reading:

To have a better understanding of the Hebraic underpinnings of the early church, Bro. Buddy has recommended the following books:

(1) "The Messiah Texts" (Jewish Legends of Three Thousand Years) by Raphael Patai

(2) "Christianity in Talmud and Midrash" by R. Travers Herford

(3) "The New Testament and Rabbinic Judaism" by David Daube 

(4) "The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah" by Alfred Edersheim (Anything by Edersheim will be helpful.)

(5) "The Jewish Reclamation of Jesus" (An analysis & critique of the modern Jewish study of Jesus) by Donald A. Hagner

(6) "The Sages" by Ephraim E. Urbach

(7) "Judaism and the Origins of Christianity" by David Flusser (This one is a little more expensive, but well worth the purchase. Flusser passed away in 2000. A friend of mine helped him in some of this book. Flusser was professor emeritus of Hebrew University in Jerusalem.)

(8) "The Works of Josephus" Translated by William Whiston (This book was the first one I purchased that spoke to my studies in the Hebraics of our faith. Bought it in latter 60s.)

(9) "The Works of Philo" Translated by C. D. Yonge 

(10) "The End of History - Messiah Conspiracy" by Philip N. Moore. (May be difficult to find, but another well worth the money.)

 Here's a quote from Bro. Buddy's email where he recommended the above books:

  • "There are other books that's are quite valuable to the study of Hebraic, and there are books you need to avoid. Some writings by so-called scholars are nothing more than pure bunk. If you come across a book that you are curious about, let me know. But whatever you do, don't waste money on trash."

Important Disclosure: If you purchase the books through the links to Amazon.com from our website, Christian Challenge will receive a small commission. The price doesn't change, but Amazon shares a small portion of the profit with us. However, we'd be more interested in you having the books than us having the commission so please shop around and purchase them wherever you find the best deal.

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This study on Acts was originally part of a series on the book of Acts given to members of Hebraic Foundations from July 10, 2002 through January 19, 2003. They were written by Pastor Buddy Martin, Founder and Senior Pastor of Christian Challenge International.


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