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Ask The Pastor

January 9, 2007

> Question:
> Somtimes reading the can feel a little intimidating because i don't know
> where to start. In order to become a better Christian how can I train
> myself to read more. I know I need to but I put off my Bible reading
> alot. thanku God Bless


I'm really not sure how to answer this. One of the best ways to see the Bible to open up is to read good books about how to read the Bible. I think there is a book titled, 'Reading the Bible for all it is Worth.' (Something like that.)

You may want to visit a Christian book store and make inquiries. They are always happy to help. The important thing about books is that you can pick up some special keys that you would otherwise not be aware of. (A good book can be like a good sermon. It can be filled with treasures from heaven.)

I've been a minister of the gospel for well over 40 years, and the Bible is like a brand new book every time I read it. I've trained my heart and mind to listen attentively to the Word of the Lord each and every morning. I do this early. I think much of this is a matter of training your own heart.

It isn't easy at first because the Bible is a pretty big library. It isn't simply one book. It is a library of 66 books. And each book has its own special place. These are the kinds of things that we need to understand. But the more we dig, the more we find. (We have to learn to be prospectors. Like the ole man said, 'Thars gold in em thar hills. I'm gonna git me some of dat gold.)

Another thing you may want to do is find a good BIble teacher that you can have confidence in. Good teachers are worth their weight in gold. They know how to make the Bible come alive. I hope your pastor is such a teacher. The primary calling of a pastor is to be a teacher.

Looks like I wrote more than I intended. Hope this helps just a bit.



Bro. Buddy Martin - Ask the Pastor

Lawrence "Buddy" Martin

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