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Studies for Pentecostals


Brother Buddy led the Hebraic-Foundations study group through a special section-by-section study of the book of Acts. These studies are posted on the Acts page.

Many Pentecostals are beginning to question their belief system.  They struggle making the Bible fit what they've been taught. Pastor Buddy shares special studies designed for those with a Pentecostal background to help them understand key issues such as faith, salvation, grace, baptism, etc. You can read the studies below or subscribe to our Support Group for Pentecostals for further discussion with group members. Each study will be posted below, with the newest studies on top.

The online discussion group is called DepartingUPC. The primary purpose of DepartingUPC is to provide a safe-haven for people with a United Pentecostal background who are seeking help for various reasons, and especially with regard to a better understanding of the gospel. The forum offers friendship, interaction among members, prayer, and special counsel. Members of the forum include former UPC members, other believers who have had some connection with the UPC in the past, and present UPC members who are concerned about certain doctrines of the UPC.  Our Scripture motto is, "If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men." Romans 12:18 NASB

To subscribe  to DepartingUPC send an email to: . You'll receive a reply message with a brief questionnaire. Once you've replied and have been subscribed, messages can then be sent to .  (To use the online tools at, it is to your advantage to apply for your Usename and Password. This will allow you to view the archives.)

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