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Ask The Pastor

Mon, 17 Jan 2005

> Thanks for prompt reply. Doesn't the Bible say that tongues are the 
> evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost, and does it not also say you must 
> be born again of the water and Spirit to have salvation?


No, the Bible does not say that tongues is the evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost.

> . . . why are pastors leaving the UPCI churches, as stated in your 
> question and answer forum?

The reasons vary. Some leave because of the standards that are preached as to making them a part of salvation. Others leave because they came to realize that the UPC does not preach the gospel according to the Scriptures. Anytime you add that a person must speak in tongues to be saved, you have a distortion of the gospel message.

If you are open to additional study, I recommend that you review a series of studies on the book of Acts that I have provided. You will find it this site: foundations/Acts/index.html

You can also find these studies at:

Note: The host of the Spiritual Abuse site is Lois Gibson. She was formerly a UPC minister, as was I. You can view her site at I would recommend it to any UPC or former UPC person.)

> I know this sounds crazy but I can see it in peoples eyes when they 
> have gotten the Holy Ghost, I have also seen a 7 year old girl go 
> down in the water in Jesus' name and come up speaking in tongues and 
> dancing for ten minutes?

People have all kinds of religious experiences. But no experience in itself is to be the gauge for salvation. We must learn to relate to the Biblical mandate. True salvation carries its own life testimony. Everyone who truly receives Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior will have in their own heart the life testimony.

> What is the other evidence of receiving the Holy ghost, if not 
> tongues like the Bible clearly states?

The evidence is a changed heart and life. And no, the Bible does not in any place say that tongues is the evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost. You need to study the Scriptures for yourself, but you will need to do it without a UPC filter.

> I reall need help, I am confused, and not narrow minded. Thankyou!

I am glad to hear this.


Bro. Buddy

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